Reverse osmosis equipment
Reverse osmosis equipment
Product description

Technical parameters.

It mainly includes multi-stage high-pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane element, membrane shell (pressure vessel), bracket and other components.

Its main role is to remove impurities in the water and make the output water meet the requirements of use.

Application scope.

Preparation of electronic industry production such as picture tube glass shell, picture tube, liquid crystal display, circuit board, computer hard disk, integrated circuit? chip, single crystal silicon semiconductor process required for pure water, high-purity water.

The production of heat, thermal power generation boilers, factories and mining enterprises in the medium and low pressure boiler water required for softening, desalination of pure water.

Preparation of medical infusion, injection, pharmaceutical, biochemical products pure water, medical sterile water and pure water for artificial kidney dialysis, etc. required by the pharmaceutical industry.

Preparation of pure water for drinking, distilled water, mineral water for the beverage (including alcohol) industry, pure water for brewing and blending of alcoholic beverages.

Preparation of sea water, brackish water for domestic use and drinking water.

Making deionized water for electroplating process; pure water for battery (storage battery) production process; surface coating and cleaning chaotic water for automobiles, household appliances and building materials products; pure water for coated glass; de-hardened and de-brined water required for textile printing and dyeing process.

Petrochemical industry such as chemical reaction cooling water; chemical agents, fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing process with process pure water.

Quality water supply network system and swimming pool water purification for hotels, buildings, community airport real estate properties.

Wastewater treatment and reuse for circuit board, electroplating and electronic industries.

Treatment of industrial wastewater and garbage leachate for life, hospital, tannery, printing and dyeing, paper making.

System characteristics.

High water permeability and high desalination rate. Under normal conditions ≥ 98%

High retention and removal of organic matter, colloids, particles, bacteria, viruses, heat sources, etc.

Low energy consumption, high water utilization rate, lower operating costs than other desalination equipment.

No phase change in the separation process, with reliable stability.

Small size of the equipment, simple operation, easy maintenance, strong adaptability and long service life.

Equipment advantages

Energy-saving and environmental protection, small footprint, large recovery rate, no industrial waste, the

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