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Advantages: high degree of automation, high efficiency, low consumption and labor saving, tank pressure resistance and anti-corrosion, compact equipment structure, small footprint.

Introduction: water softening equipment, that is, equipment to reduce the hardness of water, mainly to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, in the case of incoming water for deep well water or water source hardness is very large, the use of water softening equipment is to remove the calcium and magnesium ion content of water, so that the water calcium and magnesium ions reduced. In the process of softening water, water softening equipment cannot reduce the total salt content in water, and is widely used in hot water boiler systems, heat exchange systems, industrial cooling systems, central air conditioning systems and other water-using equipment systems.
The main working principle of water softening equipment is to use anion and cation softening. Let the raw water through the anion converter, remove the water, calcium, magnesium, sodium plasma. The water that comes out is just water molecules. There are no other molecules, then you can effectively prevent limescale.

Water softening equipment is called in the industry to reduce the hardness of water, so water softening equipment can also be called: hard water softening treatment equipment, water softeners, water softeners.

Working principle: Water softening equipment is composed of automatic water softening controller, salt tank, strong acid type sodium ion cation resin, resin tank (generally stainless steel resin tank and glass fiber reinforced plastic resin tank), and water softener accessories. Through the water flow and time control of the way to send instructions to the solenoid valve or multi-pass servo valve to complete the water softening equipment water supply and regeneration, is the most widely used in industrial boilers, cooling circulating water, steel making, steel rolling, large transformers, civil hot water boilers and other occasions of hard water softening treatment equipment.

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