Activated carbon filter
Activated carbon filter
Product description

I. Principle of operation.

The manufacturing process of activated carbon includes two processes: one is dehydration and carbonization, which results in the formation of a unique porous structure and a huge surface area with a strong physical adsorption capacity. The second is activation, in which some oxygen-containing functional groups (e.g. carboxyl, carbonyl, hydroxyl, etc.) are formed on its surface, and these groups make activated carbon have the properties of chemical adsorption and catalytic redox.

Activated carbon filter uses the adsorption performance of activated carbon to remove impurities in water, so that water can be purified, and its adsorption capacity is mainly in the following aspects.

1、It can adsorb organic matter, colloidal particles and microorganisms in water; .

2, can adsorb chlorine, ammonia, bromine, iodine and other non-metallic substances in water (the adsorption rate of free chlorine is more than 99%).

3, can adsorb metal ions, such as: silver, arsenic, bismuth, cobalt, hexavalent chromium, mercury, antimony, tin plasma.

4、It can effectively remove chromaticity and odor.

Second, the scope of application.    

Activated carbon filter is widely used in water treatment projects in food, medicine, electronics, chemical industry, etc. It is a pretreatment equipment in the process of water treatment, used to prevent the contaminants in water from polluting the subsequent equipment; it can also be used to improve the gas and color of water.

Three, the main features.

1, good adsorption and filtration effect, small footprint.

2, easy to use, management, low operating costs.

3, long service life of the filter media.

Fourth, the composition and performance of the equipment.

Activated carbon filter shell material: glass steel, stainless steel, carbon steel anti-corrosion, organic glass, etc., mostly made into a garden column, the diameter is generally Ø200 - 2500mm, water treatment capacity of 0.3-49t / h. Inside the particle size of 0.4-2.4mm activated carbon particles. Small filter cap type, large quartz sand bedding type, the maximum operating pressure of 0.6 MPa. according to the user's required water quality and quantity of water to choose different specifications of the filter.

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