Quartz sand filter
Quartz sand filter
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Quartz sand filters

Natural water contains a variety of impurities. Broadly speaking, it can be divided into three kinds: suspended substances, colloidal substances, dissolved substances. With the gradual improvement of people's lives, the requirements of various industries for water quality are becoming more and more strict. So the pretreatment of water is very necessary. Practice has proved that the effectiveness of water pretreatment, the long-term stable operation of the subsequent water treatment equipment has a great impact.

Mechanical filter is mainly used for water drainage treatment to remove turbidity, softening water, pure water pre-treatment, remove suspended matter in raw water, mechanical impurities and some colloidal substances. The turbidity of the incoming water should be less than 20 degrees, and the turbidity of the outgoing water can be less than 3 degrees. The mechanical filter produced by our factory is made of stainless steel, steel lined with epoxy and other materials. When stainless steel is used, it can be used for the treatment of food and pharmaceutical water.

Structure form 

Mechanical filter is composed of outer shell, two ends of head, upper and lower water distribution device, sealing rubber ring, operating pipe valve, pressure gauge, etc. According to the different requirements of water quality, single layer, double layer or multi-layer filter media can be used to meet the water requirements.


Mechanical filter is widely used in the pre-treatment of industrial water, domestic water and the water supply and drainage treatment of chemical, printing and dyeing, pesticide, coking, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, solvent, electroplating, environmental protection and other industrial sectors, as well as the deep purification treatment of industrial wastewater.

Fourth, the classification of mechanical filter

Mechanical filters are often divided into gravity type and pressure type according to their different pressures, and the type often used is pressure type, which is divided into small and large according to their specifications.

(1) small mechanical filter is generally made of two materials, one is a high-quality carbon steel container, working pressure ≤ 0.6Mpa; the other is stainless steel, working pressure ≤ 0.4Mpa. backwashing only with pressure water, generally without air scrubbing, filter media can be used according to the raw water quality of single-layer, double or multi-layer.

(2) large mechanical filter: divided into single-flow and dual-flow type two, by the 750-30 (0)0 composition of the series. Treatment of water from 4m ‰ to l00m ridicule, the filter media layer can be used single-layer or double-layer filling.

Five, the performance of quartz sand filter media

Quartz sand density (2.5-2.7) than anthracite, and anthracite with the second layer of double or multi-layer material device, is the ideal filter media commonly used in water treatment. Quartz sand filter media is made from quartz sand and gravel through crushing, sieving and purification, and is pure white and lustrous crystal. It has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, good chemical stability and long service life that filter media should have.

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