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I. Introduction

The new buried integrated sewage treatment equipment is a kind of treatment equipment designed and developed by our company, which integrates pressure dissolved oxygen, jet aeration, internal circulation fluidized bed, biofilm filtration and other sewage treatment technologies into one; it has the advantages of saving investment, saving land and low operation cost, and can realize fully automatic unattended. Using this equipment to treat urban sewage, its effluent quality can reach GB18918-2002 "urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standards" level A discharge standards.

Second, the process flow

After the sewage is removed from larger magazines by gesan, grit removal and physical and chemical treatment process, it is conveyed to the bottom of biological sedimentation tank, and the larger impurities and suspended matters are precipitated at the bottom by the adsorption of activated sludge layer in the tank, and pumped to the sludge dewatering room, and then removed by decanter centrifuge dewatering. The precipitated supernatant continues to rise through the biological filter media layer of filtration, adsorption, degradation, and then into the next treatment process. The biological sedimentation filter has four functions of sedimentation, adsorption, filtration and degradation at the same time.MABR and MOBR are anaerobic and aerobic biofilm reactors, which are an organic combination of activated sludge process and biofilm process. Wastewater first passes through the activated sludge layer at the bottom of the reactor for adsorption and degradation, and then rises to the biological filler layer at the top for adsorption, filtration and degradation. The biofilm reactor can maintain a biomass 4-20 times higher than that of activated sludge method, which not only serves the disadvantage of sludge expansion of activated sludge process and stabilizes the system operation process, but also greatly improves the treatment efficiency and effluent quality. The effluent treated by multi-stage biofilm reactor can be discharged or reused up to the national level A standard after the filtration and disinfection of the combined filter.


Three, MBR membrane sewage system

1. Equipment advantages.

1, advanced biological treatment process, after anaerobic hydrolysis of large molecules of organic matter in the sewage decomposed into small molecules such as amino acids and volatile fatty acids that can be easily oxidized by aerobic bacteria, the ability to resist shock loading is strong.

2, with the ability of denitrification and phosphorus removal, and can be adjusted by the structure of the equipment to achieve the ability to treat industrial wastewater, domestic sewage.

3、The filler in the contact oxidation tank is mostly spherical suspension filler, which is light, efficient, stable physicochemical properties, large specific surface area, strong biofilm adhesion ability, and high contact efficiency of sewage and biofilm.

4. The air blast in the contact oxidation tank makes the spherical suspension filler drift continuously, with uniform aeration and mature microbial growth, which has the characteristics of activated sludge method. The effluent water quality is stable, and the sludge production is low and easy to handle.

5、Easy to complete automatic control, simple management and operation. It is not prone to failure and easy to maintain.

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Fourth, our company's current products are made of FRP and carbon steel.

FRP material integration equipment

(A) the characteristics of FRP tanks.

1. Good corrosion resistance

Metal pipe tank conveying or storage media, due to the lively nature of metal materials, very easy to chemical and electrochemical reaction with the transported and stored media and corrosion. When the surrounding environment is harsh, these metal pipe cans will also occur when the outer surface of the corrosion. The winding formed FRP pipe tank is divided into three parts: lining layer, structural layer and outer protection layer. Among them, the inner lining layer and the outer protection layer are rich in resin, the corrosion of the medium to the tank and the degree of corrosion mainly depends on the type of resin used in these two layers. By carefully selecting the resin used in the inner lining layer and the outer protection layer, the winding FRP pipe tank can have good internal and external anti-corrosion performance, so it can be widely used in contact with different media such as acids, alkalis, salts and solvents.

2、Light weight, easy installation and transportation 

The specific gravity of winding FRP pipe tank is about 1.70g/cm, only about 1/4---1/5 of steel products, so its wall thickness is slightly thicker than that of steel products of the same specification, but its total weight is generally less than 1/2 of the latter, the lighter weight not only makes it save fuel consumption when transporting, but also reduces the requirements for access roads, in addition, the loading and unloading installation process will be faster and more convenient for For the tank, its own weight means that the pressure on the base is reduced, the base bearing requirements can be reduced, so that the cost of the base is properly reduced.

3、Small thermal stress, good heat preservation effect

Winding FRP thermal conductivity of about 0.27w/cm ℃, far lower than the thermal conductivity of steel products, coupled with winding FRP, especially FRP storage tank wall thickness than metal products, in the case of the same temperature difference between inside and outside, the heat loss of FRP products less than 1/100 of metal, FRP's own insulation effect is very obvious, FRP pipe tank can significantly reduce the cost of insulation.

4、No rusting

Metal pipe tank because of fc and other metal elements in the air oxygen, especially in the humid environment, easy to local battery reaction, thus corrosion, so the use of such products generally need to be rust removal, rust prevention treatment, costly and laborious. The winding FRP pipe tank is made of non-metallic material resin and glass fiber composite, so they will not rust whether in the process of use or in the process of idle, so there is no need for rust prevention, rust removal treatment.

Integrated equipment made of carbon steel

(B) Carbon steel features.

Carbon steel tank products have no joints, no leakage, non-toxic, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, compound health standards and other characteristics. Longer service life under natural conditions. Therefore, it is an extremely excellent corrosion-resistant product. The product lining surface is flat, smooth and solid, compared with traditional steel lined plastic sheet storage tank, steel lined rubber storage tank, steel lined FRP storage tank, it has better corrosion resistance, no leakage, no peeling, wear resistance, can resist certain pressure, can resist higher temperature, long life, etc. It is an ideal storage and transportation container for storing corrosive liquids. 

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